Our top three campaigns from Mother’s Day 2014

We sifted through the proliferation of Mother’s Day campaigns that flooded social media. Here are three that caught our eye this year doing something a bit different:

1. Google Glass – a heartwarming Mother’s Day short film shot entirely with Google Glass

Aneesh Chaganty’s 2:30-minute film was shot over the course of 10 days in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and India by the 23-year-old filmmaker  using Google Glass. He wore the same clothes for the duration of the two-week production (Mashable).


2. Peter Alexander with the ‘Royal Tour’

The Pyjama King toured nationally accompanied by his own Will and Kate doppelgängers, flown out from London especially for the campaign, coinciding with the real Royal visit (Marketing Mag).


3. Coke Zero – a Mother’s Day campaign to save the day for forgetful sons #motherpieces

@CokeZero came to the rescue of sons so distracted by their busy lives that they forgot about a mother’s day present until it was almost too late. They earned an impressive engagement rate of 4.38% on Promoted Tweets in search for #motherpieces. @CokeZero also gained 1,400 new followers through the campaign (Twitter Blog).

Which campaigns stood out to you this Mother’s Day? What do you think about our picks?


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