A Direct Approach That Delivered!

Delivery, at least in terms of sales, is always the bottom line in business. However results can only be maintained long term through customer engagement. One on one engagement is as relevant as ever and using unique techniques to break through the clutter is now the only way to truly connect with a target audience.

This concept was highly evident to Arid Zone when they were asked to implement a marketing plan for Scalable Data Systems. The promotional product agency was presented with the age-old task of how to get a message past the gatekeeper and into the hands of somebody wielding serious decision power. In this case it was the CEOs, CFOs and CIOs of Australia’s largest manufacturing companies caught in the cross hairs of creative conceptualisation.

AridZone_Blog_photoArid Zone decided that what these competitive, high-level thinkers needed was a challenge; a clever icebreaker to get to the right person and create a positive impact for the Scalable brand. And so a non-branded, personalised box resembling a traditional book was dispatched to major businesses around Australia. Intrigued, key purchase decision makers opened these boxes to reveal an eBook coded with Scalable branded content, which when powered up displayed the Scalable logo and flyer. But as everyone knows, nothing in life is free. The recipient was soon presented with a challenge: to cipher through the information provided about the Scalable product to work out the password to “unlock” their new toy.

So did this enticing device deliver? The results speak for themselves. 34 eBooks activated, 34 appointments with the key decision makers made, $900,000 worth of sales and 85% positive engagement feedback. Not only did respondents devote their attention to and understand the benefits of the Scalable product, they were instantly tracked, rendering it a simple task for a sales contact to immediately contact the prospective customer. Kerry Schonfelder, Brand Manager at Arid Zone stated “We combined traditional and new channels to cut through & reach a very difficult audience. Devices need to be relevant and interesting to the audience and must also appeal on an emotional intellectual level, even when the purchase decision in B2B is rational”.

What Arid Zone created was a refreshing, stimulating campaign that fulfilled its primary objectives, driving sales and achieving brand awareness.

In short, the direct approach delivered.


Arid Zone, sponsor of the 2014 Marketing Summit

Article supplied by Arid Zone, sponsors of the 2014 Marketing Summit to be held Wednesday 28 May at Rydges Southbank, Brisbane.  Last minute tickets are available until May 27 – click here to register.


The Australian Marketing Institute gratefully acknowledges the support of the 2014 Marketing Summit Sponsors.

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