The who and why of stakeholder engagement

social engagement to improve performanceGovernment marketers instinctively know you can’t change people’s attitudes or behaviours without first engaging them. 

But recall isn’t engagement.  Awareness isn’t engagement. Engagement is a concept often misunderstood or mistaken for something else.

by Andrew Hockley, Principal Adviser, Strategic Intelligence Group


New research techniques applying quantitative methods to the measurement of engagement offer a rare, concrete understanding of how it really works at any level from neighbourhood to nationwide.  The techniques can improve the work of anyone in the government value chain from policy making to media planning.

Using a combination of current theory and big data methods to understand patterns of engagement among stakeholders, it’s possible to answer questions like:  Who is genuinely engaged on this issue?  How important is this issue in the overall scheme of things?  What drives people’s engagement?  What stands in the way of more people becoming more engaged? Who will never engage?  And most importantly, why?

With better understanding of the mechanisms of engagement can come better policy making, better use of limited resources, better targeting of media and messages, all of which adds up to greater confidence you will achieve your larger objective.

At the AMI Government Marketing Conference, we will take participants behind the scenes to show how private sector marketers and public sector policy makers and communicators are measuring engagement as part of larger efforts to improve organisational performance and perceptions.


gmc-blog-sidebar-web Hear more from Andrew Hockley at the 2014 Government Marketing & Communications Conference, held August 6-8 at Rydges on Swanston, Carlton, Melbourne.  Early bird tickets are available until July 2 – click here to register.


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The Australian Marketing Institute gratefully acknowledges the support of the 2014 Government Marketing & Communications Conference Sponsors.

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