Who cares about public sector reform?

Who cares about public sector reform? A lot of people do, says Erma Raneiri, Chief Executive, Office for Public Sector Renewal.

I know because I spend a lot of my time talking about improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our public sector by changing how it works.  And I’m not just talking to other public servants! I have found business and community audiences are just as interested in public sector reform.

Public sector reform is a key part of my job as chief executive of the new Office for the Public Sector. I am passionate about the public sector. I am proud of the reforms we’ve made in the South Australian public sector so far, and I’m excited about what lies ahead.

Today, the public sector is delivering services more effectively and efficiently than ever before. We are getting better at listening and working with our stakeholders. We’ve made such significant improvements that our public sector is now the employer of choice for some of the best and brightest in our community.

But there is still a lot more we need to change. The hard work of making the public sector better must continue if it is to meet complex community needs within tight budgets. Persistent issues like organisational silos and red tape need to be tackled head-on.

When I reflect on how far our public sector has come, my sense of purpose is renewed, and I feel ready to confront our most wicked problems. I hope that those who come to listen to me share my enthusiasm, and go back to their workplaces as active agents of change.

Yet the media is awash with negative stereotypes about the public sector. Too many public servants…overpaid…lazy. It’s so frustrating!

So, I put the challenge to you. There is a great story to tell about public sector reform. We need to get that story out, to explain to the community how their taxes are spent, and maintain the drive to reform the public sector. How can the public sector tell its story of successful reform?

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