The metrics hyperbole. Which set of options will you use?

Marketing specialists are bombarded by options and evolving metrics to determine success. But Nikki Clarkson, Head of Marketing and Communications at Southern Cross Austereo, wonders how we make decisions on a daily basis that will promote our brands with impact and effectiveness when even the metrics we use to keep ourselves honest are constantly on the move?

Is it engagement that we’re after, or mass awareness, reach or the rate of click throughs? What are our metrics of choice that will measure business success?

Add to that the debate and discussion around the impact of branded content, bespoke media plus the ability these communication methods have to resonate more than ever before with highly targeted audiences.

But how does any marketer bring all the communication options together in a meaningful and concise set of metrics to do the marketing effort justice?

There has to be an approach that combines and enhances the impact of mass media where the metric of success is awareness, recall and overall brand advocacy –coupled with metrics of scale and independently measured engagement.

Why engagement? It’s a measure that demonstrates real resonance that when mastered can shift the dial on those traditional brand measures through the roof. Add to that total reach figures that can be achieved with great branded content on social that’s in excess of millions of eyeballs and you’ve got an interesting mix of insights, reach and engagement.

Of course sales ultimately determine success across most businesses. Combine that with a set of metrics that provide feedback on the challenges at hand and the agreed objectives, rather than being led by current vastness of metric hype and hyperbole. Always measure awareness, recall, message accuracy, intent to act and now add engagement, and so begins the start of a good set of ground rules to measure the marketing expectations of today.

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gmc-blog-sidebar-webHear from Southern Cross Austereo’s Clive Dickens at the 2014 Government Marketing & Communications Conference, held August 6-8 at Rydges on Swanston, Carlton, Melbourne.  Early bird tickets are available until July 2 – click here to register.



The Australian Marketing Institute gratefully acknowledges the support of Southern Cross Austereo as a  2014 Government Marketing & Communications Conference sponsor.

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