Adapting to an evolving landscape

“In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment.”

There’s speculation as to whether it was English naturalist Charles Darwin who actually said this or another of his 19th Century luminaries.

Whatever the case, in 2014 they couldn’t have been more accurate in describing the need to adapt our thinking in order to survive in the current marketing and communications environment, says Kevin Moreland, Managing Director, BCM Partnership.

Adapting to an evolving landscape

As we all know, the landscape is rapidly changing. Audiences are more fragmented than ever. Technology continues to empower people to be far more selective in what they consume, and how, where and when they do so. The battle for attention has never been greater, yet reducing budgets demands that we all do more with less. As always, results are still the name of the game. So, what’s the key to adapting successfully?

Great insights still lead the charge, but in my opinion innovation and novelty have never been more important because this is what today’s consumers actively seek out and respond to. New is the new currency. By embracing work that reflects these qualities you have a far greater chance of your message and your brand being liked, shared and talked about. Ultimately gaining the traction that can be so easily missed through a more traditional approach.

It is all about having an increased appetite for risk. Without it, you’re destined to tread the same old, same old path, but for diminishing return. With it, and creativity and good judgement, the innovative solutions you need will present themselves.

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