CPM Profile – Alex Makin AFAMI CPM, Director, Syneka Marketing

As featured in Marketing UpdateAlex Makin04


  • Associate Fellow, Australian Marketing Institute
  • Certified Practising Marketer
  • Bachelor of Business Systems (Marketing)


Current project or activity: Managing Director and Principal Strategist, Syneka Marketing


Proudest accomplishment: Starting my own marketing agency and creating measurable, value adding marketing strategies that have enabled my clients to achieve their goals. Serving as the youngest elected Mayor of Maroondah City Council, where I reversed 12 years of budget deficits and successfully campaigned for $500 million investment in Ringwood.


Marketing mentor? Susan Freeman who was a lecturer during my time at Monash University. Susan assisted me finding my first job in marketing.


Which brand do you most admire and why? LinkedIn – LinkedIn has in many ways transformed the way that we do business and is an example of a social media channel with a clearly defined purpose. Its business structure has enabled LinkedIn to have high adoption rates and reward those who pay for its services.


Marketing program you wish you had worked on? The creation of the NAB Village and its ability to build customer loyalty and break down barriers that a bank may have with its customers. I believe that if leveraged correctly the NAB Village has the potential to redefine the relationship between a bank and its business customers.


What’s the most valuable marketing lesson you picked up during your career? Be consistent. Without consistency it is difficult to develop and implement a marketing campaign that works. A lack of consistency is why so many businesses find it difficult to communicate and engage with stakeholders


What has been the biggest lesson in your career, and what did you learn from it? The role of marketing in adding value and building business capacity.   Marketing is a management function and needs to be seen as more than just the narrow promotional or execution perspective that is seen by so many businesses.


What are the biggest challenges facing marketers today? The biggest challenge for marketers is our ability to remain relevant. Recently there has been a dilution of the definition of marketing. Marketing is often confused with tactics such as advertising, sales, website development and graphic design. Marketing is a professional service and as a marketer we have the skills and ability to enable a business to achieve ongoing success. Marketing needs to be viewed in the same light as professional services such as Accountancy, law and management consulting.

As marketers we need to ensure that we demonstrate value. Marketing can be measured and as marketers we need to start quantifying what we do, we can demonstrate the value that we can have on a businesses’ bottom line and impact on society as whole.

Best recent technological advance for marketing? Integration between IT, for data collation and analysis, and the role of marketers in using this information to gain insights and make better business decisions.

Future direction for the marketing profession? I believe that the marketing profession needs to professionalise itself in a similar manner to other profession such as Accountants. As experts, the advice we provide should be viewed with the same level of trust as other professions. A professional marketer has a professional skillset and this is something that should be valued by businesses and organisations. Marketers need to employ best practice in their approach.


What does “Fuelling Progress” mean to you? The professionalisation of marketing so that we remain relevant and re-reposition the definition of marketing.

Do you think sustainability is a burning issue for marketing? Yes, marketers should be practitioners of sustainability to ensure that the decisions we make create a sustainable platform for our clients, we need to move beyond tactics and provide strategic insight.

Sustainability is critical to our society as a whole. Marketers should extend their services to not-for-profit organisations and we should show the positive impact of marketing.

Marketers should be at the forefront of economic, environmental, cultural and societal sustainability.

What attributes make a great marketer? Strategic insight is what separates great marketers from the rest. As a profession we need to demonstrate the value we provide and how it creates a positive impact.

Articles or books you have read that influenced your thinking as a marketer? I read many articles and books on marketing and like to stay on top of the latest approaches to marketing strategy. As marketers we should challenge the misconceptions that exist around marketing and ensure we re-define the term.

Favourite quote? “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill


Last movie? Lego Movie


Favourite sports team? Melbourne Demons


Favourite holiday spot? The Whitsundays

Last book you read? Insanely Simple – Ken Segall


Hobbies? Theatre, Art Exhibitions


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