Emerging Marketer Profile – Bridget McDowall AMAMI, EMV Committee Member

As featured in Marketing UpdateBridget McDowall05

Years in Marketing: 2 years



  • Bachelor of Business (Management) Bachelor of Business (Marketing) – Monash University
  • Master of Advanced Marketing (currently completing) – Monash University


Current project or activity: I’m currently doing social media freelance work for Partystar, an online function room booking service, while completing my Masters of Advanced Marketing and volunteering on the Emerging Marketers Victoria committee.

I’m excited to be heading the 2015 AMI EMV Mentoring Program for Victoria this year as well as leading the social media team.


Proudest accomplishment In my previous role I succeeded in executing two office launch events, one alumni event from start to finish in a period of 5 months when I hadn’t had previous event management experience. All events were a huge success and received positive feedback.


Which brand do you most admire and why? I’m a big fan of The Body Shop. Not only do they use environmentally sustainable resources in their products, the brand positions itself as ethical and environmentally friendly and stays true to its promise. I really admire how The Body Shop has used its strong brand recognition to create its own charitable Foundation to fund global projects for social and environmental change.


Marketing program you wish you had worked on? The buzz of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival excites me. The opportunity to showcase our great city and transform it into a memorable fashion capital is extremely appealing to me.


The most valuable marketing lesson you’ve picked up during your career? To retain customers, it’s not only the service or product that keeps them coming back, it’s the people. Of course, the product/service that is provided needs to be of a high quality but in my mind, it’s the interactions customers have with the staff and the memories created that creates loyalty.


What are the biggest challenges facing marketers today? Job convergence and staying up to date with skills especially in the digital area if this is the industry you want to pursue.

Another challenge is managing customer expectations with the wealth of knowledge that is now at their fingertips. It’s so easy for consumers to communicate negative comments about your brand online and managing this is extremely difficult. Online forums are probably a space that marketers could pay more attention to, to nip negative comments before the flow of word of mouth takes effect.


Best recent technological advance for marketing? The use of wearable technology in the fitness industry has been really interesting and a great way to combat societal issues such as obesity. The demand for devices such as fitness bands opens up a new area in marketing that previously hadn’t been heard of and empowers consumers to become more health conscious.


What does “Fuelling Progress” mean to you? To me, ‘Fuelling Progress’ means having a mindset and a passion for continual learning. An understanding that there is never an end to learning and being open to learn from others in similar roles. In another sense, it means to empower yourself to achieve your best.


Do you think sustainability is a burning issue for marketing? I think global warming is a hot topic (excuse the pun) at the moment and will increasingly continue to be. Because of this, sustainability, for many organisations, will become a source of competitive advantage and a key differentiator for consumers.


What attributes make a great marketer? Active listening, excellent communication skills, the ability to be empathetic to the consumers needs, an honesty of believing and living the brand mantra as well as having a visionary outlook.


Best lesson learnt from your days at university? Being open to meeting new people and being involved in projects that you may not do otherwise. University is an exciting but rather short period in a person’s life, so making the most of every opportunity is a key takeaway for me.


Articles or books you have read that influenced your thinking as a marketer? A classic article that has stuck with me and changed my mentality of approaching marketing is ‘Marketing Myopia’ by Theodore Levitt. It’s ultimately the basis of all marketing.

I also enjoy reading Social Media Examiner blogs, B&T, Marketing Mag and all the latest articles on marketing through social media platforms.





Favourite quote? “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’.” – Audrey Hepburn


Last movie? The Five-Year Engagement


Favourite sports team? Collingwood, although I’m a pretty hopeless supporter, so I’m not sure it counts!


Favourite holiday spot? Anywhere with a beach and nice warm weather – I’m not too fussy. I haven’t travelled a lot but this is something I’m keen to do in the near future.


Last book you read? The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins


Hobbies? Socialising, eating out, experiencing new places and meeting new people.


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