Emerging Marketer Profile: Corey Wolf, Digital Marketing Analyst, The Digital Embassy

As featured in Marketing Update

Corey Wolf AMAMICorey Wolf_EM PROFILE
The Digital Embassy, Digital Marketing Analyst

Years in Marketing: Three wonderful years

Qualifications: Diploma of Business (SAIBT), Bachelor of Management (Marketing) at University of SA

Current Project:
I’m currently working on a campaign for an online learning institute. The entire campaign comprises of an integrated AdWords campaign along with a cross platform approach including Google, Facebook, Twitter and re-marketing strategies with optimised landing pages. The project has been quite challenging as online education is a very competitive industry and have acquired new ideas and skills in the process

Proudest accomplishment:
About 5 years ago I was involved in a serious car crash which meant I could no longer continue my career as a personal trainer. Changing careers as a young adult wasn’t easy, but I began my education and career in marketing. I was inspired by my sister, who had just finished her Marketing & Communications degree. Marketing was already a function of being a personal trainer, and back in 2008 I was ahead of other personal trainers with vlogs and blogs, and always had an interest for this.

Which brand do you most admire and why?
Motor Accident Commission (MAC) in SA has amazing television advertisements which encourage a young audience to drive responsibly. One particular tv campaign really left an impact on me, and made me think how I would handle that particular situation.

 Marketing program you wish you had worked on?
Hungry Jacks ran a promotion two years ago where if you dared to unfriend 10 people on Facebook, they would give away a free Whopper. Clever and original, plus the cost of 10 impressions for $4.00 is a very cost effective digital strategy.

The most valuable marketing lesson you’ve picked up during your career?
Ensuring you understand customer’s business. Many agencies don’t start with this key component of their customer relationship and miss out on identifying new opportunities and appropriate strategies are applied to correct target audience.

What are the biggest challenges facing marketers today?
Emerging marketer’s biggest challenge faced is gaining experience in the field. That’s how I started out with the Australian Marketing Institute Emerging Marketers group. I got inspired one evening when I was dragged to and Emerging Marketer event and was able to be mentored. Without experience your degree means nothing. Just get out there and secure an internship, paid or unpaid, it doesn’t matter with who.

Best recent technological advance for marketing?
Hands down Google Analytics! Giving any and every marketer to get data driven positioning status takes the guess work out of marketing and allows strategies to link directly to ROI, effectively improving engagement.

What does “Fuelling Progress” mean to you?
Having results that you can hang your hat on. Continual education and always improving, investing in yourself is so important.

Do you think sustainability is a burning issue for marketing?
Eventually all businesses will need to become sustainable, what other option is there? It’s easier said than done but a culture for change needs to happen, something which should come from Marketers. We could be the be drivers of social change.

What attributes make a great marketer?
Tenacity, flexibility, prioritising and juggling multiple projects.

Best lesson learnt from your days at university?
Looking at the business as a whole and ensuring you’re always looking at the bigger picture, in addition to picking things up quickly and proceeding with confidence.

Articles or books you have read that influenced your thinking as a marketer?
How Brands Grow by Byron Sharp. This book taught me that marketing can be strategical and data driven, not by intuition and experience (which are still important). It’s the future of marketing through big data.

Favourite quote?
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” – Albert Einstein

Last movie?
Can’t recall, but have been re-watching the series of Scrubs. When I’m not busy at work I’m studying up on work.

Favourite sports team?
Not really sports team fan, but I am a big fan of Kelly Slater

Favourite holiday spot?
Whitsundays, Hills Inlet

Last book you read?
Harry Potter series

Rock climb every weekend and play guitar, public speaking, Learning German and travelling.


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