Having Trouble Marketing your Small Business?

by Sandra O’Neill

Small businesses usually start out because the founder is passionate about their product or service and believes they can find a better business model to sell it. Whilst small business owners are

experts in their given fields, they may not be experts in is marketing!

That’s why the Must Know Marketing for Small Business workshop is tailor made with small to medium business owners and managers kept in mind. The art of marketing is more difficult that it looks so we look at some of the tricks of the trade that you need to be successful in marketing your business…. brand, product and service.

The power of good marketing is that people think of you in an instant – they recognise your business and what you can offer. Via constant marketing the brand is so well recognised. A commonly confused misconception is that marketing is considered advertising and advertising is considered marketing. However, they are both different functions and we will break it down during this workshop.

Marketing is an aspect of a business that many business owners think they can easily do themselves, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. We study your specific target audience, understand what is unique about your business offering and then discover the best strategies to implement to reach your customers with great marketing messages and content. Getting it in the right place is also half the battle so we look into types of media and what options are best for your individual business and needs.

Budget can be a key consideration and challenge for small businesses, so we learn techniques that help stretch your dollar and create marketing ideas that won’t break the bank….. it’s all about ROI, so open your mind before you open your wallet!

With confusion around new social media platforms and online marketing today, we take the mystery out of that and discuss how we can create dynamic campaigns that your customers can relate to. We can help you think of big marketing ideas that are relevant for small business budgets.

To register for this workshop in your state, or to find out more, click here.


Sandra O’Neill AMAMI biography:Sandra ONeill

Sandra provides specialist marketing training sharing 25 years experience in business and marketing incorporating media,advertising, business development, sales,
management, consulting and training. Sandra imparts this real-world knowledge combining both traditional marketing principles and new practices in the evolving field by teaching the methodology behind the processes.

Learn more about Sandra and other workshop topics available.


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