Need an Effective Advertising Campaign Quick Smart?

by Sandra O’Neill

I often hear business owners say that advertising is expensive and true this will be if you don’t plan it properly. Return on investment is the key. We all assume that we know what advertising is, and we think we should know how to do it. That is fair to some degree. However the Corporate Advertising Executives out there don’t get paid the big bucks for popping the odd ad in the newspaper or producing a Facebook ad. Advertising is far more strategic than that. It incorporates in depth understanding of your market, your offering and an appreciation of the people that you are trying to reach.

For some businesses, the perception of advertising is that it is marketing. This is partially correct, but to be more specific it is a form of marketing. One of the ‘pieces of the pie’ that makes up the overall marketing mix. Advertising can often be one of the more expensive marketing methods to use. It can be very effective if executed correctly. As it is so powerful, it requires a lot of careful planning and deliberation. You should endeavour to spend as much effort on the preparation of your advertising as you do in spending the money to place it.

When deciding what form of advertising will best suit your requirements you need to take certain aspects into account to make your campaign effective.

Once you have established these elements you need to consider what you are actually aiming to achieve with your advertising campaign. Part of this is understanding what form of advertising to use for your business? Magazines, Radio, Google Adwords, Facebook, Billboard, Newspaper, Television? How do you know if your advertising is working effectively and that you are getting a good return on investment?

Making an advert look pretty is just not enough, learn how it make it cut through and connect!


Sandra O’Neill AMAMI biography:Sandra ONeill

Sandra provides specialist marketing training sharing 25 years experience in business and marketing incorporating media,advertising, business development, sales,
management, consulting and training. Sandra imparts this real-world knowledge combining both traditional marketing principles and new practices in the evolving field by teaching the methodology behind the processes.

Learn more about Sandra and other workshop topics available.


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