Aiming to Maximise Sales Conversion?

Have you heard of the saying that someone is ‘just a natural’ at sales? “could sell Ice to the Eskimos”. Indeed, there are natural sales people out there who just seem to have ‘the gift of the gab’. They are comfortable to sell and seem to know just what to say, how to say it and when.

One of the reasons they are so successful is because they are probably passionate about what they are selling. They truly believe in it. Most people can see through people who don’t really believe in what they are selling because they are simply not convincing or credible, however if people really believe that their product or service is going to be a real benefit to you, they can portray this through their sheer enthusiasm.

You can learn how to be a natural at sales through this workshop, it’s not about scripts or any tricks. This is just about learning the psychology of the sales process and how it applies to your business, brand, products and services.

Now that you have implemented your Marketing Strategies, you want to convert that investment into sales and profits. To what level you achieve sales and maximise profits is completely up to you. We have all seen it done well and done poorly.

In order to maximise results from sales you need to ensure that you are selling to the right customers. Having said that, all customers should be valued and indeed some may start out as smaller customers and grow into large and profitable customers. Your marketing efforts should have targeted the majority of your ‘ideal’ customers therefore you will be in a better position to sell to them if that’s who you have attracted. In a perfect world your ‘ideal’ customer would be profitable, loyal and return frequently. In reality it may just be a matter of taking who you can get!

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Sandra O’Neill AMAMI biography:Sandra ONeill

Sandra provides specialist marketing training sharing 25 years experience in business and marketing incorporating media, advertising, business development, sales,
management, consulting and training. Sandra imparts this real-world knowledge combining both traditional marketing principles and new practices in the evolving field by teaching the methodology behind the processes.

Learn more about Sandra and other workshop topics available.


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