Lachlan Hessing – Emerging Marketer Profile. BBus(marketing)BDes(Communications Design) Swinburne AMAMI GMAGDA. Digital Designer – Marketing, Whispir.

As featured in Marketing Update


Years in Marketing:
2 years (plus a couple more part-time while freelancing at University)

Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Bachelor of Design (Communication Design)

Current project or activity:
I’m the digital designer for the Marketing team at Whispir, a communications software firm. I’m currently working on a suite of print and web assets for events in Asia Pacific and Las Vegas, and videos for some of our newest integrations and products.

Proudest accomplishment:
Learning video composition and production on the job, and seeing one of my recent works as a prominent part of a big client pitch, described as the big asset to come out of a Marketing in over 3 years.

Which brand do you most admire and why?
This is a hard one! There are a few, like Korg (a musical instrument manufacturer), Sony and Infiniti, and oddly, I don’t necessarily admire them because there marketing is absolutely top-notch – It isn’t. I admire these brands because they have invested heavily in their product and design as well as the consumer experience, and they’re not afraid to take a risk and innovate in their fields. It is apparent that they are proud of what they do.

Marketing program you wish you had worked on?
The Sony Bravia “Colour Like No Other’ television campaigns, aired in 2005-2007. The bouncy balls, paint and claymation raddits ads. You know the ones. Unconventional, conceptual, says nothing specific about the product – yet depicts beautiful colour in a fantastic way, and stays in your mind for years. Would have been great fun to work on.

The most valuable marketing lesson you’ve picked up during your career?
Focusing on the end user or viewer of your campaign is still important – but you’ve usually got to get it through a few other stakeholders first..

What are the biggest challenges facing marketers today?

Volume, noise and difficulty of cut-through. The massive amount of communications in both digital and physical spaces nowadays means that marketers have to go to extraordinary lengths to gain the attention of their target audience. Even a seriously disruptive product isn’t enough to shine through the competition with “normal”marketing.

Best recent technological advance for marketing?

The advent of coordinated, automated inbound marketing methodologies are a great tool for marketers to streamline and scale interactions – but at the same time, there needs to be a solid base of quality supporting content to make it effective, which is a challenge in itself.

What does “Fuelling Progress” mean to you?

Investing in talent to carry a discipline forward. It’s not about just making progress, but ensuring that we can keep making progress by passing the torch.

Do you think sustainability is a burning issue for marketing?

Sustainability is a burning issue for all of us, no matter what industry or discipline we specialise in. I do worry that large marketing events can be incredibly labour and materials-intensive without much thought given to sustainable practice.

What attributes make a great marketer?

Negotiation, a calm head and the ability to reinforce a creative push with logical argument. Passion about the power of what you’re working on is also crucial.

Best lesson learnt from your days at university?

If you are not organised, you’re going to get snowed under. Fast. You’ll get snowed under much slower if you keep track of the snowfall!

Articles or books you have read that influenced your thinking as a marketer?

In a weird way, “The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory”, by John Seabrook. A fascinating insight into an entire industry reshaping their work, practitioners and products constantly around an incredibly fast-changing audience.

Favourite quote?
“Experience is something you get a little bit after you need it.”

Last movie?
Last movie I watched? Man of Steel. Last one I saw in cinemas was Deadpool – brutally offensive, but funny.

Favourite sports team?

Nissan Motorsport. Does that count?

Favourite holiday spot?
Totally dependent on who I’m with!

Last book you read?
“Shades of Grey” by Jasper Fforde. Very different from the other novel by a similar name…!

Music, design, photography, typography, and anything automotive.



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