10 insights on trust in the media industry


Josanne Ryan, CEO, Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA)

The Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) has released its first Media Channel Trust Report in May 2016. The research was commissioned to better understand the current market sentiment towards measurement and verification across all channels of the Australia media industry.

For advertisers, agencies and publishers, the AMAA builds greater confidence in partner transactions through independent best-practice and verification systems, delivering greater levels of transparency and accountability. 

The research results show the AMAA is very highly regarded by the advertising industry for the verification work it does in print media – showing the industry body continues to delivery trust and value to its stakeholders. 

The Audited Media Association of Australia has been at the forefront of media measurement in Australia for over 80 years with. The AMAA champions greater transparency and accountability across the media industry, advocating research, debate and collaboration around issues that will advance best-practice and trust within Australian media.

Read the report

For further information about the AMAA visit the website: www.auditedmedia.org.au or contact us by email: marketing@auditedmedia.org.au or by phone: +61 2 9954 9800.


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