Fee support scholarships for Women

Women in leadership

Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) is pleased to provide you with information pertaining to leadership development scholarships currently available to our female members.

In line with WLA’s aim to increase the accessibility of high quality leadership development to a greater percentage of female leaders, fee support scholarships are selectively provided to assist current and aspiring female leaders in their career development journey.

Fee support scholarships for women, remains unallocated and must be awarded prior to the end of this financial year. Fee support is available under two distinct streams.

Stream 1 – $6,000 Fee Support for Senior Female Leaders
Senior and executive level managers are invited to apply for fee support of up to $6,000 to support their participation in Australia’s most prestigious executive women’s program, the Advanced Leadership Program. View the Prospectus here

Stream 2 – $3,000 Fee Support for High Potential and Mid-Level Female Leaders
High potential and mid-level managers are invited to apply for fee support of up to $3,000 to support their participation in the Accelerated Leadership Performance Program, a unique 18 week program designed to fast track leadership capacity and accelerate career potential. View the Prospectus here

Expressions of Interest

Should you wish to make an expression of interest in either stream, you must complete an EOI form and return it by June 30th. View the Expression of Interest Form here

Should you wish to discuss this opportunity prior to submitting an EOI please contact Women and Leadership Australia on (03) 9270 9016 or via admissions@wla.edu.au.


Ian Johnson, National Program Liaison Manager, Women & Leadership Australia  


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