2017: Trends and challenges for Marketers

2017 marketing trends-01.jpg

By Lee Tonitto, CEO of the Australian Marketing Institute

Listening to the marketing community across Australia is just one avenue that keeps me up to speed with the ever changing marketing landscape. Here’s a quick round up of five key trends and challenges that frequently come up in conversation.

  1. Own the customer experience and life-cycle across all channels. A good CMO is chronically obsessed with customer.
  2. Ramp up marketing technology. Going half way won’t cut it. This includes in-depth knowledge of digital experience platforms such as Adobe Marketing Cloud and its VoC partner Qualtrics, as well as the transactional commerce component that drives revenue for the business.
  3. Customer Experience collaboration. Organisations must undergo radical shifts in their structures to align themselves with how customers act in a new world obsessed with digital experiences. This starts with the CMO closely collaborating with the CIO, and building from there.
  4. The beautiful world of data and analytics. Pragmatic marketers have a saying for those who refuse to glean insights through data: “Your opinion, although interesting, is irrelevant.” Opinions are great, but real-world data is greater. Smart CMOs rely on data and analytics to understand what’s really going on with the business.
  5. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile. The new battleground for customers is the mobile moment. CMOs must put mobile experiences at the forefront of everything they do. Check out the Blrt messaging platform.

To learn more about challenges and trends for marketers, join us at the AMI 2017 Prediction Series in your state: NSW, ACTQLDVICTASSA and WA.



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