State Committees:  our ‘face to the members’

Andrew Thornton

Andrew Thornton, Chair of AMI

It is with great pleasure that I welcome the new Chairs and committee members for the AMI State Committees and Emerging Marketer Comittees. There are many new faces and a few familiar ones providing a balanced member involvement in the committees.

May I also take the opportunity, on behalf of the Board, to thank  those retiring Chairs and committee members. Many of you have served over a long period, and some not so long, but each of you have  made a significant contribution to the AMI.

Our  Committees represent the AMI’s ‘face to the member’ at a localised level. This has never been more important. Our members have said that they want the AMI to increase its profile and to be more engaged locally.  The Committees play a vital role in building the AMI’s presence in our respective markets and driving greater member engagement.

Research tells us that our members want a strong and representative body to promote and support their chosen profession with enhanced accreditation and professional development. This is a key focus of the Board and Management and some exciting new developments will be signalled over ensuing months. They also want opportunities to network with other marketers and participate in events at local level.

I would encourage all members to support the efforts of their State and Emerging Marketer Committees by getting involved with events and activities. It is only through us all being engaged that we can continue to grow the AMI into the professional body we all want it to be.

So, thank you to the new Committee Chairs for taking on this important leadership role and thank you also to the 96 committee members for their support.

I’m particularly pleased that we have a solid mix of committee members that represent our membership base;  at different career stages and also  across a variety of industry sectors and  marketing disciplines. This spread of representation will help ensure that the AMI remains in-touch with,  and relevant to,  our  members regardless of where they are on their career journey.

 The future certainly looks bright for the marketing profession in Australia.


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