The Ultimate Re-Brand Checklist: a must have for your business re-brand

By IntelligenceBank

The idea of re-branding your business can have far-reaching consequences. Changing the name, logo, look and feel of your brand can potentially change how customers deal with your business, product or service.

While a logo re-design might seem like a quick job, the time to update stationery, advertising material and your website could take three years to implement (full scale) and cost millions of dollars. While this example may not seem relevant to small businesses, Pepsi’s subtle logo re-design cost over USD $1 Million.

Some of IntelligenceBank’s DAM and BrandHub clients recently undertook a re-brand. By implementing IntelligenceBank’s platform, they were able to customize our software to showcase how their brand looks, and most importantly, how it’s used.

Based on their efforts and communication on re-branding, we thought it would be useful to share with the Australian Marketing Institute community our invaluable ‘’Rebrand Checklist” to help manage your company’s re-brand.

Rebrand checklist.png
This Checklist will help ensure your re-brand is thorough and delivered on time. Download the Re-Brand Checklist here.


IntelligenceBank DAM can help drive your company’s re-brand no matter the size of your business. Our user friendly platform not only helps you centralize brand assets and showcase brand guidelines, but equally important, with creative approvals we can help you put a governance process around your brand. To learn more, contact us and a friendly member of our team will be in touch to show you all the ways IntelligenceBank DAM can make your re-brand seamless.



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