Expanding the conduit between industry and academia

Accreditation update

by Demetri Hughes, AMI Accreditation Advisory Committee and AMI State Chair (QLD)

As the leading professional marketing association in Australia, the AMI serves a key role as the conduit bringing together industry and academia.  We understand that the foundation to a successful career in marketing is by emerging practitioners being able to select the right marketing program, embedded with strong theoretical principles and industry-ready practice. 

Firstly, a special congratulations to the following institutions who have just received approval by the AMI of their programs: Deakin University re-accreditation, Griffith University re-accreditation, Curtin University accreditation and University of Southern Queensland accreditation.

A total of 17 tertiary institutions now hold 34 degree programs Accredited by the AMI.  Accreditation of any program by the AMI is a rigorous process, brought together following industry demand for graduates to have not only sound theoretical underpinnings, but also to be workplace ready with skills that are contemporary, practical and tested.  It is for this reason we are announcing that those graduates of programs accredited by the AMI are eligible to receive backwards integration towards becoming a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) in a shorter space of time.

We are also excited to announce that this week the AMI will go live with its new accreditation website. This micro website will sit with the rest of the AMI hub content and contains extensive content for students, industry employers and education providers.  It will feature a list of those programs that are Accredited, allowing prospective students another source of information when selecting their study options and future graduates an opportunity to understand the pathway available to become a CPM sooner.  It also serves as a valuable information source for future employers of Accredited graduates to find out more about the applicants competitive advantage.

Vice-Chancellor ‌Professor Linda Kristjanson of Swinburne University accepted the AMI Prize on behalf of student Leonie North who was the highest achieving graduate in the Bachelor of Business (Marketing) 2015. Presented by AMI representative Taylor Tran. 

In March 2017, CEO Lee Tonitto will be visiting Swinburne University, which has two separate Schools for their Advertising and Marketing programs.  The Accreditation Board will also be rolling out the opportunity for VET providers to apply for Endorsement of their VET program(s).  A very exciting start to the year, where the AMI further expands as the conduit between industry and academia. 


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